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Ugo-Pro IPTV Reseller Panel

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> More than 100 million people over the world are using IPTV services. Now you can start your own iptv business by being our reseller.

> A full reseller panel management will be provided. You can create, extend, delete and fully monitor your clients accounts. Any updates with server, will be posted on your reseller panel so you will know.

> With reseller panel, you can add Subresellers and you can control them from your reseller pannel, add them credits and so on.

> We provide step by step tutorial guides which explain everything in the easiest way, so you can become a professional reseller in short time.

> You can creat 24 hours free test before your clients buy a subscription from you.
select the packs as your clients want.


> Credits won’t be expired.

1 credit = 1 Month

3 credits = 3 Months

6 credits = 6 Months

12 credits = 12 Months

Credits120 Credits, 360 Credits, 600 Credits


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